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ross_ryan's Journal

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I only have a few rules for my graphics journal and very few things to say on it.

My graphics journals have been public and friends only and even private to very few friends who I know will credit. But this one is a public one, so lets hope that you guys can actually credit me and not hotlink this time.


Like I said, the rules are simple and there are few. All I require is that you:

-Comment when you take
-Credit "ross_ryan" in your icon comments or keywords. If it's a header, credit in your userinfo, and if it's a friends only banner, credit on your friends only post.
-Don't hotlink unless I specifically give you permission on that post saying you may.
-Please don't ask me for originals on the post with the graphics. If you'd like the originals for something I have made, IM me at "kay rossface" please. :) I don't bite!
-Friend the journal if you like the icons. :)

I told you there were few rules! Simple, eh?